Round the Bays Auckland

Hi fellow bloggers & readers !

This is my first ever registration to round the bays on Sunday 5th March (for those not in NZ, it’s a fun marathon along the bays of Auckland). I’m super excited and I’ve decided to help fundraise for SPCA. A charity that cares for animals and aims to adopt our furry loveballs when ready for adoption. 

I would love it if you can donate to help my cause. Any amount is greatly appreciated and if it’s too much to donate it’s great if you can share this around too ! I will make another post after the run to let you all know how it went 🙂 

The link to donate is 

-medlab geek

The Colour Run NZ

On Sunday, I woke up at 6.30am to the sound of heavy rain and thought oh no, it’s not going to be a great run ! But luck was on our side because as soon as we arrived to the event location, the skies cleared and the sun came out.


Before The Run

The run starts at 8.30am and the track is 5km long. This event is suitable for charity, families and people that just want to have fun! You aren’t pressured to run (though you can if you want) and you see lots of children, teenagers and elderly doing this too! You are also encouraged to dress up and be unique so feel free to express your individuality 🙂

There were 4 colour stations (and a “snow” station) where powder is thrown onto you and the streets get completely showered with it! The powder is not harmful if you do happen to breathe it in or ingest it (though it felt uncomfortable when it was all in the air). There was also a water station where you can drink if you get thirsty so you don’t need to carry a bottle of water.

At the finish line you receive a bottle of water, 2 packets of powder and a medal for crossing the line. There are also lots of freebies and activities at stalls to browse around and have fun. There is also a stadium where music is playing and crowds gather to dance and throw powder into the air, super fun and exciting!



Even though it was quite expensive (around $57 NZD for pre sale tickets), I recommend doing this atleast once for the experience! You don’t have to be an athlete to participate and who knows, it may start your journey into being an avid marathon runner ! 😀

Some things you should bring before you go:

  • Towels or big plastic bags to sit on in the car / public transport (trust me you will be covered in powder and glitter)
  • A go pro/camera or even a phone in a clear plastic case to take photos
  • Enthusiasm
  • Sunglasses you don’t mind getting ruined (to protect your eyes from the powder)
  • Shoes and clothes that aren’t new or expensive (same reason as the sunglasses)

You are given a t-shirt, marathon number and some merch the day before so I recommend using their shirt so you can keep it for memories without having to buy a separate one.

I’ve also attached a video of the event that I’ve uploaded Here. Enjoy !