Wairere Falls

Hi guys,

During ANZAC day (25th Apr), I finally got to visit Wairere Falls. A place I’ve been dying to go to for a few months now. It’s the highest waterfall in the North Island and you can see just how big it is on the way to the entrance.

The walking track to the falls is located on Goodwin Road; around 15 mins drive from Matamata town centre. The track is quite straightforward with signs to help you. It has a few bridges for you to look at the boulders and streams laying about.


My attempt at getting the smooth water effect

I’m not sure if the track is usually as slippery and muddy, or if it was due to the intense rainfall we had the week before, but I tripped quite a few times so be careful when trekking here as the track has a lot of rocks, tree roots and high steps that make it easy to slip and fall. Most of the walk is covered within the forest of trees so it’s not too hot and there’s no searing sun blasting onto your neck. You’re also allowed to take dogs here which makes for a great family trip or even a great day for your beloved pet.

The first lookout is around 45 mins and from here you can see a direct view of the 153m waterfall.


Wairere Falls

If you’re not already exhausted from the walk to the lookout, you can walk a further 45 mins to the second lookout at the top of the falls. It is absolutely worth it to get to the top. The views you get are stunning and the weather we had that day just topped it off. You know you’re almost there when you start hearing the sound of rushing water, and not long after you turn a corner and can see a beautiful shallow stream.


Stream at the top

If you continue walking downstream, you reach the cliff edge where the waterfall starts and the water is so shallow that you can walk right up to the edge and in the stream where you can see the Waikato plains below you. You feel like you’re on top of the world. There was even a family grilling sausages on a portable BBQ for lunch! If you bring along packed sandwiches and some snacks it would make one of the best places to eat lunch with a view 🙂


Walking to the edge of the waterfall


We made it !




The Amazing View of our flat Waikato Plains


Soaking it all in

The path back is the same way you came up but its a lot faster and easier! This is a must go place if you’re ever driving past the Waikato.



Queenstown Trip (2)

Date : 1st July 2016

Today was a fairly relaxing day as we had no plans booked and we just went with the flow.

Our first mission was to drop off my boyfriend at the top of The Remarkables so that he could snowboard all day. It took around half an hour just to drive up to the drop off zone from the bottom of the mountain! Thank goodness the weather was on our side which made driving up a lot easier. We had also gotten his day pass and rental gear fitted out and taken back to our motel room the previous day so all we had to do was wake up, get ready and begin driving up towards the mountain.


On our way back down, we made a few stopovers at the lookout zones and boy oh boy was the view to die for !

By the time we finished taking photos and made it back to road level, it was noon so we decided to go try out the famous Vudu cafe. As expected, the cafe was really busy but had such a wonderful homely and cosy feel. We were lucky enough to get a table straight away. The coffee was quite nice but a bit too sweet for my taste.

After that me and my best friend just did a bit of window shopping and went into Ferg bakery to buy some bread for our breakfast the next morning. By now it was already 3pm so we had to get going and head back up The Remarkables to pick up the sore yet happy man.

Due to very heavy traffic, it was already 5.30pm by the time we arrived back to the town centre. Since my bf didn’t eat anything the entire day, we decided to eat dinner before heading back to our motel room to relax instead of having to drive back out.

We already knew that the wait would be long but you can’t go to Queenstown and not eat at Fergburger ! I ordered the classic Ferg burger with cheese. I must admit that though the burgers are good, it’s not so special that there would constantly be a huge line for it. I’m not sure about other countries, but in NZ there are many burger joints that make just as good if not better, burgers. Maybe, like me, most people go because of its “fame” and novelty.

After that, we just headed back to our room, made a cuppa tea, and relax. As of now it is 9.30pm but I feel sooooo tired that it feels as if it’s almost midnight. I’m going to bed now so that I can fully enjoy my day tomorrow. Really excited! Will write about it soon (though all of these will be uploaded together once I get back to Auckland).
Goodnight all!

Below are some more photos we took as we explored the town during the day.