Kayak Noosa

Hi guys,

I’ve been back in Auckland for about two weeks now and I wanted to do a post on an activity I did during my holiday in Australia. We had booked a 2 hr sunset kayak tour with kayak noosa for $60. They also do hiring of kayaks and paddle boards if you’re keen to explore yourself. The guide also brings a camera with them on the tour, so you don’t have to worry about taking your own photos or risk ruining your expensive camera. They email you the photos a few days after which was very helpful.


Kayak Noosa by the River

We met at their shop front at 3.30pm and lucky for us; there was just me, my partner and another lady who signed up for the day so we had plenty of time to relax and observe for wildlife with the guide. They give you a brief training session on how to change the tail direction and how to let up the sail (on our double kayaks) as well as how to use the paddles. So it’s great for beginners who aren’t very confident on a kayak.


Before we set off

We paddled towards the mangroves and the guide pointed out to us some heron’s, crabs, stingrays, as well as other migratory birds and birds of prey. We got to see a kite dive for fish right by our kayak which was amazing to see. Our guide Tracey, was very knowledgable and helped explain a lot of what we saw. So if there is anything you wanted to know more about, don’t hesitate to ask them as they can probably answer!



In the mangroves


After a bit of paddling , we beached onto north heads where we relaxed and had a bit of afternoon tea provided by the guide. You can also go for a swim in the water but we stayed on the beach to chat to the guide. During the ride back, we propped up the sail to help us with our paddling because the wind was in our favour. It was great, we got to sit back and enjoy the sunset as we sailed back, feeling the warm water trickle through your fingers and enjoying all that’s happening around you on the river. I really enjoyed the trip, so props to Erica and Tracey for the great service!


Jumping on the beach


Kite diving for fish






Microbiology Lab – Medlab science

Here are a few photos collected from different labs during our parasitology sessions; super interesting ! 

Plasmodium falciparum – varied cycle stages present

Cat dissection (Not actually part of our lab but it was lying around)

Another one of Plasmodium falciparum with more stages

Ancylostoma duodenale – hookworm

Pediculus humanus – lice

Sarcoptes scabiei – causes scabies

Pediculosis pubis – causes the std crabs



Micro Lab

Below are just some photos I took last week when reading some of the results for 4 unknown organisms. I didn’t manage to take a photo of the yeast cells under the light microscope because I couldn’t align my camera to the optical eye piece 😦

We will be discussing our choice of tests and what organisms they were tomorrow, eek! Wish me luck, I already know I got one incorrect.

For those of you that noticed that a antimicrobial plate is missing for Unknown A, it’s because that was a yeast (I’m suspecting Candida based on my results) so there was no need to perform any antimicrobial resistance as it is of course, not a bacteria. The zone of no growth is measured with a ruler and there are set measurements for each specific antibiotic and its concentration that determine if an organism is susceptible or not, even though there is a clearing it needs to be of a certain diameter so its important to measure accurately!


Unknown C Antimicrobial plate


Unknown D Antimicrobial plate


Unknown B Antimicrobial plate


Positive Citrate


Oxidative Glucose (left tube is anaerobic and right is aerobic)